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The first project based on the shepherd dog wave on BSC!

Contract Address: 0x7e90a74525957ee85dba59a24e8912c4ade26082

Reasons to buy

Safe Degen

The Shepherd Inu Army’s stealth launch,will put fear in the hearts of all other memes around the world. He will be good to all that join them so be on the lookout for Shepherd Inu,  will be taking over a city near you!

Shepherd Team

We are a transparent work team with experience in the blockchain, we have programmers, designers and a marketing team​

We chose to launch on BSC to keep transaction fees low so you end up with more tokens in your wallet


Know reasons to buy the token

Locked liquidity

Locked to gain trust and confidence from our investors.

Marketing connections

We have a marketing plan to have an organic growth

Marketing Wallet

Each purchase and sale will go to a wallet to pay for marketing and attract more investors



Buy/Sell 8%
Owner is followed by CZ
3% LP 5% Marketing

Total supply: 1,000,000


Phase 1:

– Project initialization
– Telegram and Twitter Setup,
– Website Launch.
– Launch on Pancake Swap V2
– Marketing on Telegrem & Twitter
– Roadmap V2.
– White Paper Publicalion

Phase 2:

– Basic Smart Contract Audit
– CMC, Nomics and CG Listings
– Shepherd law Swap Integration and
– Shepherd Inu Swap design and Beta
– Partnerships with major projects for
  Listings on our swap and Liquidity for their coins being added to our     swap.
– Shepherd Inu Swap release

Phase 3

– Shepherd Ian Gasino Initialization
and design release.
– NET’s talegretton within the Gestao.
– Casino bela release and testing
– Partnerships with popules
– Gasino launch on Binance Smart
Chain with dedicated servers

Phase 4

– NET’s Sneak Peck
– NFT’: Markeiplace design release.
– Minting platform and Markeiplese release,
– NET’s Minting start,
– NET’s Staling plenterma design release,
– NFT’s Unility reveal
– Full Audit for Tolen Contracli, NIT’s
Staling Plottorm and Sheplend han Swep
from GERTI
– Readilap v2 publication.

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